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Five weeks ago, I stopped working at my previous ESL school because my contract ended. Unfortunately, my contract wasn't renewed. I wasn't shocked anymore when the supervisor informed me about it because prior to it I was already informed by my student; however, in a different story. According to the student, the manager told them that I was going to resign.

At first, I went to DOLE for legal actions in that the school did not give me some of the benefits that I should have received. They advised me to file a case against the school but I did not pursue it for some reasons.

First, the owner and the management didn't really know the real story behind the controversy. It was only the supervisor who made false stories and accusations to ruin my name. The supervisor told the manager that I asked stuffs from the students, that I was going to take the students away from them and that I made business with my students..hahaha...It was so funny. There was no evidence at all but the supervisor brought it to the management.

Their two reasons for not renewing my contract were vague. But I didn't blame the management because it was the supervisor's fault, though I felt bad because the management did not exercise due process. Well, how could they be? They didn't even have rules inside the school.

What the supervisor did unto me wasn't surprising because she even backbit the management, the relatives of the owner and her office mates, so how could I be excluded? Whenever she was with us she told us bad things about the relatives of the owner as well as of the management. Well, I'll just wish her luck. May she continue backbiting and ruining other people's lives! On the other hand, I'll just wait for the time when she'll have red on the face. I'm sure it will come.

Second, the experience, knowledge and learning that I got from the school. These three things help me become a better ESL teacher and help boost my confidence level. I have learned a lot there. Moreover, I treasure the moment, fun, opportunities , happiness, laughter and friendship that I had during my 2-year stay at the school.

Third, the knowledge that I imparted to my students. I know that my students learned a lot from me. I know that I was able to teach them the right way. And, I know that I was able to do my job as a teacher. Seeing them learn is enough for me to be happy. I will be very proud if one day I see my students speaking English excellently, because I know I was able to contribute to their success in it. At least, there is a chance that they'll remember my name one day..hehe..

Lastly, the very special people that I met- my godparents. (Mom and Dad thank you so much for everything!). As well as, the sister that I found. (Take care, sis!).

Although I wasn't able to stay there for a very long time, I don't have any regrets due to the above reasons; especially that I'm now part of a well-known and a big ESL school here in Cebu.

After I stopped working at my previous school, I took a rest for a week. Fortunately, my husband arrived to spend Holy Week and birthday with me. So, we decided to go to Bohol for a vacation and a trip on the following week. However, I received a call from the school on the day of our departure for an exam and an interview; in that I sent my resume to them the day before our scheduled departure. Luckily, I passed the exam and the interviews. Then, on the following day, April 9, I was called and informed that I was hired.

Thus, goodbye previous school and hello new school!
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