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DAVAO -- The only Philippines city included in the Top 100, Davao City placed 87th in the list of fastest-growing cities and urban areas in the world.

Web-based research group City Mayors Foundation published on its website at a listing of 200 cities around the world that were ranked based on assumed annual growth rates.

Based on the latest listings, Davao City has a projected average annual growth of 2.53 percent during the 15-year period.

The City Mayors Foundation, which is based in London, United Kingdom and Freiburg, Germany, said the annual growth rates assumption is based on past growth, decline and forecasts by international and national statistics organizations for the period 2006-2010.

The research group was established in 2003 and has become one of the most-trusted sources of research data on performances of cities and its leaders.

Jakarta, Indonesia ranked 47th and topped among cities and urban areas in the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (Asean). Its projected annual growth rate is 3.03 percent during the same period.

It is followed by two more Indonesian cities Palembang and Bandung, which ranked 50th and 55th, respectively.

Palembang registered a projected average annual growth rate of 2.94 percent, while Bandung had 2.90 percent.

Yangon in Myanmar ranked 95th, with 2.46 projected average annual growth rate.

Metro Manila in the Philippines ranked 190th, with a projected annual growth rate of 1.5 percent.

"It is good that Davao has been recognized for its development," Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte said.

She said despite this recognition, the city must still sustain its robust economy.

Duterte called on Dabawenyos to cooperate in sustaining the city's growth.

City Information Office acting chief Bong Aportadera said the recognition will help boost Davao City's niche as one of the country's top investment destinations.

"It is a proof that a strong leadership produces great result. There is nowhere to go but up,"
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•6:14 PM

I happened to see this. I'm amazed. I wish to have this for my coming baby.
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•11:59 AM


- Deep Cleansing Facial with the choices of COLLAGEN, VITAMIN C. HERBAL MASK, SEAWEED, etc.)
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- Facial Mask ( 1st- 3 layers)
- and many more

- Swedish
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- Hot & Stone Therapy
- Foot
- Back & Shoulder
- etc.

- Waxing ( armpit, arms, lower legs, whole legs, chest)
- Brazilian Waxing
- Bikini Line Waxing
- Wart Removal
- Foot Scrub
- Body Scrub
- Body Bleaching
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For beautiful and health-conscious people out there, contact us for more information, promo inquiries, discount inquiries, reservation etc.

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Tel No: (032)-238-4573
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Chibi means 'small or 'cute' in Japanese language.
So when I bought a shih tzu dog recently, I named him CHIBI.
He's kinda cute, playful and very energetic.

I don't really like dog.
But I need to have one so my sister and my niece won't get bored at home.
( I asked them to live with me, now that I'm pregnant.)
Anyway, when I first met chibi I didn't like touching him.
I was scared.
However, things changed as time went by.
I started to like him and eventually love him.

Every time I arrive from the office.
He always plays with me (showing his few funny tricks..haha)
When I tell him to sit down, he sits down.
When I tell him to stand up, he does.
When I get mad at him, he hides at the back of the sofa.
When I go out for work, he runs out of the house
Because he wants to go with me.
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•10:58 PM

I moved to a new house 9 days ago. My husband told me not to move yet till he comes home. However, I want everything to be ready before he arrives.

Anyway, thanks to my sister (Christie), my brother-in-law (Dodong), my neighbor, Kuya Herbert, Raymund and Leo for making the transfer possible.

The house isn't yet filled with stuffs but I'm on my way there. I can't buy large stuffs alone. I need my husband to help me with it.

Dad, come home soon!
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•10:51 AM

I'm always blessed.
Thanks to HIM above!
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•10:17 PM
I went to Hong Kong with my husband- Charlie, mom-Kumiko, and dad- Mamoru! It was a great trip indeed.
Though we only stayed there for four days but we were able to enjoy and explore Hong Kong at its best.
We stayed at YWCA Hotel just to sleep. For the rest of the time, we went out to explore HK.
1st day - January 9, 2011. Arrivat at HK Airport. Checking in at the hotel. Night out <--We went to see the Symphony of Lights- it was amazing! Of course, I saw the Historical Clock there, Victoria harbour, etc.
2nd day - Disneyland. We spent the whole day there but it was not enough to enjoy everything. Anyways, we've watched the Golden Mickey Show, the Lion King Show, the Magical thingy wherein were wore 4D glasses -i forgot the show title. We climbed up Tarzan's home We tried river cruise, Space Mountain, dambu, steam locomotion etc. We also took a picture with Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, etc. At night, we witnessed the fireworks display. We also bought some souveiners there.
3rd day - Tour aroung HK. We went to Victoria Peak. There, we rode on the tram, we took a picture with many Wax Models of different famous celebrities and personalities at Madame Vussauds. We were able to see also the Symphony of Lights there- just the back view. We also climbed up through the Escalator <-- a lot of them. Then, I took a pic with Elmo at HK Convention & Exhibition Center.
Shopping. We went shopping at the Time Square, shopped at H & M, Zara, bossini, etc. But of course, we enjoyed looking and buying at different street markets.
Food. HK food is delicious - just they're kind of oily for me. Anyway, their tea solved it all. What i love the most there is its SPICY CRAB- soooo dilicious!
Transportation. I rode on their bus, tram, train, taxi, express train[still train...hehe]. Oh, I wanna add the airplane too.
Skyscrapers. I saw a lot of tall buildings there and even got inside of some. The Peninsula, the Standard Chartered, HSBC, Central Plaza, Bank of China Tower, Cheung Kong Center, the Center, Nina Tower and many many more. I think I saw more than a hundred there.
4th day. Departure for Cebu, Philippines. HK Airport is really wide and huge. I ate delicious congee in one of the restaurants inside.
If I get a chance - I wanna GO BACK THERE! See you again HK in the future!
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