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•8:17 AM

Our school - CDU ESL Center - gives awards every month to teachers and non-teaching staff who do or perform well in their job. Then, they had their first awarding last Thursday. They chose the employee of the month for the non-teaching staff and teacher of the month for the teachers. Moreover, that awarding was for the month of July.

During the awarding, they announced the three top teachers. First, they called the 3rd placer ( Teacher Lab); secondly, the 2nd placer (Teacher Lowell) and lastly, the 1st placer (myself). It was so funny because before the HR Directress mentioned my name, I pretended to be the winner. I bowed my head and said "thanks" to my team members. Shockingly, the name Lota De Guzman was called..hahaha!..So, my team laughed out loud.

I was really shocked. I couldn't believe I stood in front of the teachers, management staff and the non-teaching staff. I was so happy. Especially, when they announced the TEACHER OF THE MONTH - Lota De Guzman....yippee!...

On the following day, we had the monthly level test in the morning and the culmination of the English Month in the afternoon. I was very happy because my team gathered almost all of the awards. We won first prize for the Song writing/Interpretation competition. Our song was also considered as the BEST SONG. Also, we got the second prize for the Poster-making contest. We got most of the awards from the TRIVIA as well. And, my daughter- Sue- was 3rd placer for the Speech Presentation. My team members are very cooperative and smart; we, as a team, are united and one; so, no wonder why we won? I'm so lucky and proud of my team. Thanks, guys! Go, Lota's team..go!...

After the activity, I was asked by Ms. Nor and Sir Ivan ( assistant coordinators) to take charge of the third batch trainees because they had a meeting. We discussed about handling Korean & Japanese students and grammar as well. At that certain hour, I was able to recall the time when I was also a trainee. I underwent a training too before I started teaching.

One more thing, yesterday was a wonderful day. I had my make-up class yesterday morning with Sharon and Lee. I taught them grammar. Then, I had a bowling session with my team together with Sir Ivan (assistant coordinator for teachers) at Gaisano Bowling Complex in the afternoon. Prior to that, each team had to pass a Calendar of Activities for the last week of August and for the month of September. Luckily, the Country President likes our calendar of activities. So we were the first team to go out for an activity..yippee! Lota's team rule!

We enjoyed much yesterday. Sir Ivan played bowling very well. He always had a strike. He got the highest score during the two-hour game. Teacher Jackie also played well. T. Marj, T. Pia, T. Rhea, T. Juliet, T. Kath and I [played so-so]...hahaha!...At least, we enjoyed a lot.

Whew! What a wonderful week! I'm really really really really really HAPPY!
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Author: Lotlot
•7:30 AM
A couple of weeks ago, a staff from a funeral parlor came to my parents' house. They brought with them paraphernalia for embalming as well as a coffin. It was 12 midnight at that time; my parents and my niece were sleeping. So when they woke my parents up to inform them that they were sent to embalm my younger brother, my parents were shocked. They were in panic in that my brother wasn't there.

Earlier that day, my brother left the house riding a motorcycle. He is used to drive very fast, thus my parents were thinking that my brother got into an accident. They were also considering that my brother was killed because my mother has received a text message from a stranger that he would kill my brother. They wailed.

When our neighbors heard my parents wailing, they ran to our house. Upon hearing the bad news, they also cried. Everyone in the house was in distress. It came to the point that my mother collapsed.

The staff of the funeral didn't go home until it was confirmed that my brother was alive. They waited for my brother. An hour later, my brother went home. He almost let the motorcycle fly as he saw the funeral car in front of our house. He was thinking that my father died in that my father is sickly.

Everyone was relieved when they saw my brother. It was indeed a bad joke. How could a person with a sane mind do that? Anyway, the staff of the funeral gave them the mobile number of the person who called them. My family tried to contact the person but unfortunately he only answered the call but didn't talk.

We thought everything would go back to normal after that incident. Until last week, my youngest brother overheard two people talking about their plan to kill my brother before November this year. It was 3 am at that time. My brother was on his way home from a wake. He felt like urinating so he decided to hide in the woods near the house. Suddenly, he heard people talking. So, he crawled near to them. Then, he found out their bad plan. He then left the place.

When he arrived home, he was shivering. He woke my my parents and my brother up to tell the bad news. So, everyone was alarmed again. My mother called me and my other siblings right away. All of us are worried. We need to send our brother to another place.

Sending our brother to a safer place is what we think the best solution. We have never thought yet of reporting it to the police because those bad guys might get madder and they might do something worse.

We're looking for some angles. It might be political because my father is a politician. It might be jealousy because of a girl or of basketball.Considering that he was in a fight after he refereed a basketball game prior to that incident. Likewise, someone got mad at him because of a girl.

Thus, we're all worried. It's really alarming. First, the death threat in a text message. Second, sending a funeral staff to our house. Third, overhearing a bad plan of killing my brother.

Anyway, i hope those bad guys will not pursue their plan of killing my brother. I hope so..
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