Author: Lotlot
•3:39 PM

I'm extremely happy today...WHY?.... I received a phone call from my sister this morning informing me that my dad won as one of the local government officials in our home place in yesterday's local election. I jumped for joy as I heard the news and along with it my mobile phone fell on the ground. The casing of my mobile phone cracked, but it's okay I'll just buy a new casing.

It's my father's dream to serve and help other people; finally, he can do it. I'm happy for him and I'm very proud of him; likewise to my two uncles and two aunts who also won. I'm really really proud of my clan for having the virtue of helping and serving people.
" For you dad, uncles and aunts..keep on serving people..keep up the good work...I'm very proud of you all."
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Author: Lotlot
•3:52 PM

Yesterday I went home in Bohol. And instead of riding a passengers' ship, I rode in my uncle's big pumpboat. Thus, I was able to see the small islands in between Cebu and Bohol as well as fishes, birds, starfishes, etc.

Eventhough it drizzled and I was wet but I really enjoyed riding the pumpboat especially when I saw flying fishes. It's really nice watching them flying.

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Author: Lotlot
•4:29 PM

I went to Prince Warehouse Club ( one of the malls here) this morning to buy ingredients for the mango float, macaroni salad, fruit salad and buko (coconut) salad that I'll be making tomorrow when I get home.

I was having fun because I bought cans of condensed milk but I didn't know that I'd get a prize for buying that milk brand (Carnation Condensed milk). I was shocked when i went outside the mall because the saleslady asked me to get my prize...

Anyway, I'm already very excited because I'll go home tomorrow. I'll be staying there for two days..Yeheh!
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Author: Lotlot
•3:15 PM

This afternoon I and my co-teachers went to the main office at Buaya, Lapu-lapu to choose a style for our uniform and for the tailor to get the measurement of our body for the exact fitting.

Afterwhich we went to our office at Talamban, Cebu. But before we rode a jeepney we bought fruits first. There were lots of fruits displayed outside the main office building , so we were tempted to buy. I bought lanzones, guava and orange.

While we were in the jeepney, we talked about many things including the election day this coming October 29. I told them that I'm already very excited to go home in Bohol this coming Sunday. I need to go home because I have to support my father who is running for a position in the local government. And, I'm planning to make desserts like mango float, fruit salad, etc. for the supporters of my father. It would be my elder sister and my younger brother who will prepare or cook the food because my elder sister is a good cook and my younger brother is a chef. I wish to help them but I have no talent in cooking..., so that's why I choose to make desserts 'coz it's kinda easier than cooking..
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Author: Lotlot
•3:59 PM

The other night I watched two documentary programs on TV. One was all about those dead people whom their families had no money to spend for their burial and the other one was all about those insane or mentally disordered people inside the mental hospital.

What i felt pity most was the dead man whom his family had no money to buy a coffin for him, for his burial and for his body to be embalmed. His neighbors contributed some piece of wood for his coffin. While his neighbor was making his coffin his wife prepared an old blanket and pillow for him. Then, he was put inside the coffin wearing an old shorts and shirt. Lastly, he was buried at the day he died because his family has no money to spend for the daily expenses if he'd not be buried right away. And worst, it was raining at the day of his burial, so he & his coffin floated in the graveyard...How pity?

On the other hand, I felt pity with those insane people in one of the mental hospitals in our country because the hospital is not well-equipped with the medicines and other things needed. Moreover, the hospital is already very old and very dirty. Then, the staff could not take an action for it because they lack funds. So, aside from the patients are suffering from being mentally disordered, they are also suffering from other diseases, like tuberculosis, etc...Imagine, they only have 2 plastic glasses to be used in drinking water and taking medicines, and take note...the water they are drinking everyday is not safe. Thus, it's possible for the other patients to get the diseases of their co-patients. How pity are they?

My heart ached and my tears fell upon watching the two shows. How i wish those rich, generous and kind-hearted people would help them? How i wish I was rich so that I could help them? I wish....
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Author: Lotlot
•3:53 PM

This late morning I went to SM Supermarket ( one of the shopping malls here in Cebu) to buy cloth for our office uniform. Unfortunately, I didn't find the color that we wanted; so, I didn't buy.

Yet, I was thankful that I wasn't able to buy because the owner of the school has just called a while ago informing us that she would give us uniform. I'm very happy because my wish to have a uniform is now granted.
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Author: Lotlot
•3:53 PM

This morning I went to the wet market in our place to buy shrimps, vegetables, fish, rice and pork. I really like eating viands from vegetables; thus, vegetables are always in my list everytime I go to the wet market.

Before my brother and sister didn't like eating vegetables; but because it's always the food that I've been preparing for our daily meals eversince they lived with me, so they started to like it...and recently, they liked it even more..

I cooked vegetables with shrimps for our lunch this afternoon. It was really yummy; in fact, my siblings asked me to prepare the same viand for our lunch tomorrow.

Well, even if they'll not ask me but I still cook vegetables every now and then because it's good for the health. For, vegetables contain vitamins, proteins & calories that are needed in our body...right?
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Author: Lotlot
•3:48 PM

I really like eating sea foods, like crabs, tahong, clams, fish, shrimp, shells, squid, etc. Thus, everytime I go home ( in Bohol ) I always buy sea foods and eat a lot. Because the taste of sea food in Bohol is more delicious than here in cebu.
Last night my elder sister went in my house, and she cooked "tahong" or mussels as one of our viands. Thus, I was happy and I ate a lot because aside from the fact that I like mussels, my sister also cooked 'em deliciously. (Well, she's a very good cook..that's why?)

And, i'm now very excited because I'll go home this coming Sunday. So, probably I'll eat a lot of sea foods again.
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Author: Lotlot
•3:29 PM

I like watching the TV program, " The Bachelor or The Bachelorette" every night. Last night, the Bachelorette spent with the families of the four bachelors left. Then, at the end of the show only 3 bachelors were chosen to continue the search.
I felt pity with the bachelor who wasn't chosen to continue the search because he's good, gentleman & genuine. Yet I understood why the bachelorette chose him not to continue because of his family. His mom was over protective to her son. She enumerated the things that the bachelorette must do in case she'll become the wife of her son. And all those things seemed unfair for the bachelorette us a woman. It turned out that she wanted the bachelorette to just serve, follow & obey what her son wants in the future whether she likes it or not ( if ever they'll become husband & wife). Is she looking for a wife of her son or a server?
I, as a woman who's looking for a future partner in life, the family of the man is a big factor that I have to consider. If in case the mom of my husband-to-be is the same as the mom of that bachelor, I'll surely leave him. What's the use of staying in a relationship when you have no other choice than to follow your husband's commands? It's unfair...
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Author: Lotlot
•3:46 PM

Last December 2006-February 2007, I taught English to Koreans who went here in the Philippines to learn English and to have a vacation while it was still winter in their country. Although my students were still young ( ages 12-25 years old) but they were all smart, respectful and very attentive & participative to the lesson. Each day was a memorable one for both teachers and students. Because it's not only learning was there but also fun, games , laughters and bonding.

Days past and the winter in their country was over, so they needed to go back home and to continue their studies. In our last day of teaching, we had a party. We gave presents to our students, on the other hand the students gave us cards and letters. We all enjoyed the party. We ate, laughed and talked. In short, we were all very happy.

But, when the time to say "goodbye " came... the happiness and laughters were replaced with sadness and tears. The students were crying because they didn't want to leave us. They hugged us tightly and they sobbed in our shoulders. So, I and my co-teachers were not able to hold back our tears...and we all cried.

Saying " goodbye " to the students is the hardest part in teaching English as Secondary Language (ESL) via vis-a-vis. It's really very hard because you gonna miss them.

I really can't forget my Korean students until now as well as my co-teachers in Elite Academy. How I wish we'd see each other again one day?
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Author: Lotlot
•4:18 PM

My grandfather was very strict but very helpful when he was still alive. He had a farm with many fruit trees like mango, star apple, guyabano, coconut, etc.. And he didn't allow us before to climb in any of the fruit trees. We didn't understand him yet before, what we had in mind was he was very bad; but actually, he was just afraid that we might fall from the tree.

One day, my 2nd-degree cousin brought some sugar in the classroom. (We were 8 years old at the time and we were both in Grade II ). I asked her some sugar but she wouldn't give me if I didn't go with her in the farm of my grandfather to get mangoes. The mango trees of my grandpa were guarded with caretakers who had guns with them..and speaking of guns, I was really afraid of those when I was still a kid. But I had no choice because my cousin, who's a spoiled lass, would pinch me and wouldn't give me sugar if I didn''t go with her. Besides, I really liked sugar before, so we both went to the farm to get mangoes. Unfortunately, the caretakers saw us and pointed the guns on us. And he told us that he would shoot us the next time we did it and he would tell my grandpa too. I and my cousin were very scared and we ran fast as we could.

At that time, I and my brothers & sisters were living in my grandparents house because our parents went to Cebu. I didn't know what to do when I arrived at the house. I didn't eat lunch and I went inside the closet because I was really afraid at that moment (..what if the caretaker would come and would tell my grandpa that we attempted to steal his mangoes ). But, it was very hot inside the closet so I went outside the house and climbed & stayed above the tamarind tree the whole afternoon.

In th next day, I and my cousin were having problems because we're already afraid to pass the farm of grandpa; and, it was the shortest way in going to school). From that day on, we're always late for school and we decided later to wake up early so that we'd not be late anymore. These were the consequences that we faced from the bad thing that we almost did.

It took a year for us to recover from that phobia. For a year, we were afraid to go to grandpa's farm and to look at the caretakers & their guns. As far as I could remember, we ran everytime we saw or met across the caretakers.

I really can't forget that frightful and unforgetabble, but funny experience of ours. With it, I learned that it's not good at all to get things without asking for permission; even if the owner of the mangoes is my flesh and blood. And another thing I learned, I shouldn't be too much strict when I'll become a mother someday.., like grandpa before. Because it would lead someone to do bad things... Like that experience of ours..., If only grandpa was not that strict, we'd not do it instead we'd asked permission from him. We were afraid even just to look at his eyes, how much more to ask for permisson?

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Author: Lotlot
•5:18 PM
I was supposed to graduate university last 2004 but because some of my subjects were in wrong sequence so I had to re-enroll those ( but the school allowed me not to attend classes anymore). So instead of 2004 I graduated 2005.

Because I had nothing to do the whole year while waiting for my graduation, I went to Agusan del Sur for a vacation. I spent more than a year my aunt's house. For me not to be bored, I helped my cousin run her business. Everyday, I went to her jewelry shop & music bar to manage. Also, I served as a collector in her lending business. Eventhough I didn't get any salary but I enjoyed a lot because she allowed me to use her motorbike. And I loved driving motorbike and going to different places eversince; so with the motorbike I was able to wander anywhere...and that made me happy and contented.

In the music bar, I met Boboy. He became my friend and later on my boyfriend. He was a government worker and at the same time a student. He was kinda ambitious, so eventhough he already graduated university and had a work but he still studied another degree. So we only had a little time with each other, especially that he always played chess ( he was the best player in chess there..that's why?); but, I still enjoyed being his girlfriend because he made sure to fill up the time he missed spending with me. Besides, he was smart and handsome. And, for me he's a boyriend material.

For the first few months, our relationship went on smoothly and happily but it turned bad when his ex-girlfriend arrived from Japan...( His ex-girfriend went Japan as an entertainer...the reason why they broke up.). His "ex" offered him marriage; and, it made him confused (maybe he still loved her). He consulted me about the matter..on what he would do..I felt insulted and I was hurt, so I broke with him.

Then, I didn't know what happened..maybe KARMA.., but their relationship didn't click and they broke up. He wanted to come back to me but it was too late because I didn't love him anymore. Besides, it would be an insult in my part if I accepted him back.

December 2005, I went Cebu for a work. Eventhough I was already here but he still kept in touch with me and persuaded me to accept him back. But I already treated our relationship as one of the sad memories in my vacation there and I didn't love him anymore, so he was not successful.
Last August, he offered me a wedding. He went here in Cebu to ask my hand but I refused him. So, he went home very sad. And just this month he called and offered again a wedding; still, he wasn't successful.

This morning he called me...but for the 50th-time around, I refused him....I'm already happy with my life and I don't love and need him anymore..
I'm already tired of refusing him..How i wish one day he'd stop disturbing me..
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Author: Lotlot
•3:55 PM

Last weekend, I watched boxing on TV. I really like watching this sport. Especially that there are so many filipino boxers who already made records in the world of boxing like Manny Pacquiao ( the Junior Lightweight world champion); he made Antonio Barrera to retire from boxing after he won against him last October 6, 2007.

It was the fight between Holyfield and Sultan that I saw last weekend. I'd enjoyed a lot while watching them fighting. I really wanted Holyfield to win against Sultan; unfortunately, he didn't make it. But it's okay because he was just a challenger.

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Author: Lotlot
•4:43 PM

I'm not feeling well today because i have a backache. While I'm writing this blog, I lay my back flat unto the chair. I'm really worried about my backache....

I can still remember that I had a fever and a backache during my high school graduation day. Then, when I studied university I still experienced backache. In fact, I sometimes didn't go to school because of an extreme backache. And, even until now I'm still experiencing backache. Thus, I use a thin flat pillow( or, i don't use pillow at all) and I lay my back flat everytime I go to sleep inorder to ease the pain.

I'm suspecting that I have an osteoporosis (bone loss). Because I always have a backache. Moreover, when I was in 2nd year high school I was about to quit school because I wasn't able to walk for 2 months. I wasn't able to stand up and walk because my knees were aching; and I felt that my joints were locked. And, the doctor's finding was I had an arthritis (inflammation of the joints). The doctor was shocked at first because I was too young to experience arthritis; but after he found out that most of the members of our clan died because of arthritis, he wasn't shocked anymore. I simply took after or inherited it from my great grandparents.

Last night I watched a TV program that's all about "dancing". The experts believe that dancing is a great help of making our bones strong; likewise, drinking milk and taking medicines with calcium. "We really have to take good care of our bones, or else we'll be having a bone cancer and it will lead us to die", they said.

Before I slept last night I realized that I was in great far as my bones are concerned...WHY?...because, I seldom drink milk, I don't take medicines for bones and I don't do exercise ( like dancing ) anymore.

That's why I'm thinking that I should start drinking milk and taking medicines for bones as soon as possible. As well as, I'm planning to enroll dancing classes one of these days because it will not only help my bones to be strong BUT will enhance my knowledge in dancing also...

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Author: Lotlot
•8:56 PM

I was busy as a bee yesterday and today because we beautified our office. Especially that I did the shopping of the materials needed.

And we're not finished yet; so we'll continue doing it on Monday.

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Author: Lotlot
•4:17 PM
I don't know why BUT my day is not complete if I couldn't spray perfumes or scents on my body. Even I take a bath once or twice a day yet I feel I'm not fresh if without it. I can't imagine my life without perfumes.
I've watched a news on TV that perfumes are not good for the body because of its strong & harmful chemical substance. Moreover, my mom keeps on telling me that I have to minimize or stop from using it because it might harm my body. I don't know but I wasn't convinced by both ( TV news & my mom) to stop using perfumes everyday. Maybe because I consider 'em as part of my life.
My addiction to perfumes started when I was still in grade school. At that time, I was only using colognes or mild scents; but, as I grew older I began using strong scents. And, from one bottle of perfume every month it increased to two or three bottles. In fact, I cannot anymore count how many bottles of perfumes I've used eversince I was addicted to it.
Recently, I started using mild scents because I'm now a little bit concern with my health. Besides, I don't want to die earlier than what is expected. Look at the attached photo...those are my perfumes...mild scents, right?
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Author: Lotlot
•5:18 PM
Aside from collecting sandals, I'm also collecting bags. This is one thing I'm addicted to in the interim. I'm not so sure why I like collecting bags BUT I'm suspecting that maybe it's because I only had one bag when I was in high school (.. and take note: that bag was only given by my sponsor before)..That's why, now that I already have a work I want to supply myself with the things that I didn't have before..

I started collecting bags last year. Now, I have 15 bags with me. And, I'm aiming to collect at least 100 bags. Well, I'm still quite far from the number of bags I'm aiming to have, yet one thing for sure I can have them all one day..right?
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Author: Lotlot
•6:25 PM
When I was young, I only had few sandals because I grew up in a poor family. My parents couldn't buy sandals anytime I wanted. So, I promised myself that by the time I'd be working, I buy many sandals.
Years past and I began working. Thus, right after I received my first salary, I bought directly a new pair of sandals. What was in my mind at that time was the fulfillment of my dream, longing & crave for sandals.
Now, it's been 3 years since I started working. So, I now have more than 60 pairs of sandals. For, I buy 1 0r 2 pairs of sandals every month. But these sandals are not all in my hands because I have 4 sisters, so once I don't like the sandals anymore I give them to my mom or to my sisters; yet, it's fine with me. Moreover, I'm very happy because at last I can now buy any pair of sandals i like.
Recently, I counted my sandals and there's only 14 pairs left. I'm planning to have a collection of sandals. So, I'll try not to give all the sandals I bought...
Do you think i can do it?
hmmnnn..i hope so...
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Author: Lotlot
•4:11 PM
When I was still in the university, I was a staff of our school gazette, the Voyager, and a contributor to our city newspaper, the Bohol Inquirer. But I stopped after graduating from my course, Bachelor of Secondary Education - English, because I had to find a job away from the city and to concentrate mainly on it. At first it was hard for me to quit because of my passion and love for writing yet I had no choice at that time other than to quit and move to other city for work. Later on, I was able to accept the fact that I was not anymore a writer. Yet my passion and love for writing is still there and until now I still miss writing an article, a poem, etc..And, this is one of the reasons why I join this site...
Now, I will share to you the last but not the least article I wrote for our school gazette, the Voyager...Here it is....

Talibon....not part of Bohol

One time I was writing a poem when I friend of mine came. I stopped my work and entertained her. As we talked, I shared my family problem to her. She gave me some advices which enlightened my mind and softened my heart. Later on, she bid goodbye to me. But before she left, she grabbed my paper and pen and wrote something on the paper.
When she was gone, I took the paper and read wat was written on it. There I've read, " J.A.P.A.N. G.A.I.N.S S.M.I.L.E K.I.T", meaning, "Just Always Pray At Night coz God Above Is Never Selfish; likewise, Smile Makes Individual Looks Enthusiastic; Keep In Touch."
I really appreciated and admired my friend's intelligence and creativity. And that friend of mine inspired me a lot to produce something of my own. This is even the key to my discovery that , "Talibon is not a part of Bohol"....Because...

BOHOL - Bringing Our Hearts On Love
TALIBON - Teachers Are Lecturers, Investigators, Bookkeepers, Overseers, Nurses
TAGBILARAN - The Almighty God Bears Integrity, Love, Affection, Remedy And Nobility
JETAFE - Just Express Truthfully Any Feeelings, Emotions
UBAY - Unique, Beautiful, Admirable You
JAGNA - Jesus And God Never Apart
ANDA - Aspire, Never Depend Another
LOON - Love Obtains Obsoleteness Never
CALAPE - Count All Laughters And Praises Everyday
LOBOC - Lovers Of Book Often Creative / Love Occurs Because Of Cares
ALICIA - A Lady Is Curious If Admired
MABINI - Men Are Brattish If Not Intelligent
DAUIS - Do Approach Us If Smiling
LOAY - Loving, Obedient, Admirable You
SIBILYA - Smile Is Beautiful If Lasting..Yields Admiration
SAGBAYAN - Stay As Great Brat As You Are Now
LILA - Loving Is Living Aesthetically
BALILIHAN - Build A Love In Lowlands, Islands, Highlands And Netherlands
DIMIAO - Drinking Is Made If Anger Occurs
PITOGO - Praying Is Talking Over God Obediently
BATUAN - Books Are Teachers, Ushers And Nurses
DAGOHOY - Don't Allow Guys Overlook, Hurt, Offend You
DUERO - Don't Underestimate Everyone's Rights, Obligations
TUBIGON - The Understanding Boy Is Gift Of Nymph
MARIBOJOC - Men Are Religious If Believers Of Jesus Or Christ
GUINDULMAN - God Understands Individuals Nevertheless Do Understand Liar Men And Notorious
SAN MIGUEL - Students Are Noble Moreover Independent, Great, Understanding, Enthusiastic, Loving
CORTES - Children Often Respectful To Elders Seriously
TRINIDAD - The Religious Individual Never Imagine Death And Devil
CANDIJAY - Count All Night Dear; I'll Just Ask You
BUENAVISTA - Be Inspiring, Enthusiastic, Nice, Admirable, Valiant Individual Starting Today...Always
INABANGA - It's Not Always Bad And Naughty Guys Are
PILAR - Personality Is Like A Rosary
BILAR - Be In Love And Respect
CLARIN - Close Lovers Are Ready In Nuptials
BACLAYON - Being A Cute Lady, Attracts You Or Not?
CARMEN - Children Are Respectful, Marvelous, Enthusiastic, Novice
VALENCIA - Valentine As Love Explains Nothing Coz It's Autoanalysis
BIEN UNIDO - Be Inspiring, Endearing Nymph; Understanding Nymph Is Definitely Open-minded
GARCIA-HERNANDEZ -God Always Remembers Clean Individuals And Helps Everyone Rapidly; Never Admires Notorious, Devil-minded, Evil-hearted, Zaniest

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Author: Lotlot
•4:53 PM

Two weeks ago we had our pictorials to be posted in our website At first, i thought it was very easy; but, I was WRONG. It's really very difficult and tiring. We had to follow what the photographer told us to do.

Imagine the photographer would notice if our smile was fake and if we posed awkwardly...( well, he's a professional photographer..that's why?)

Thus, I'm now very excited to see the results of our pictorials. If we're beautiful at the photos. How i wish?...., so that the sweat, time and effort we spent for it will not be wasted.

Anyway, the photo in the upper right was taken by my co-teacher during the pictorials. How i wish, we're prettier in the photos taken by the photographer than that above.

Well, i hope so...

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Author: Lotlot
•6:22 PM
I grew up without the presence of my family; thus, I've been longing for their LOVE, CARE & ATTENTION ever since I was a child...Just like with the bear in the photo, I grew up alone, I faced the good & bad realities of life alone and I even finished university with my own effort.
Until now that I'm already working as an ESL Teacher, I still don't live with my family. I can only spend a day with them sometimes, specifically during special occassions or holidays.
Thus, eventhough I'm already a bit successful yet I'm not totally happy. There are times when I cry in the middle of the night without any reasons. There are times when I feel that I'm carrying a heavy load. Then, what I usually do If I feel this way is I will go for a run until I reach the seashore. There I will sit down, look at the sky ( I even wonder why there's always a rainbow every time I go there), sob deeply, talk to myself and swim later whenever I feel that I'm already feeling better.
And, just like with the bear in the photo, there are times when I want to be alone and to wander alone. Those times when I'm depressed and when I need self reflection...
Nevertheless, I still have time to SMILE...
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