Author: Lotlot
•2:35 PM
January next year my younger sister will give birth to a boy or girl - I don't know exactly. So, I'm pretty excited. However, I'm a little sad too because I don't have my own. Well, I'm sure I can have mine sooner or later.

Soon I will be having two nieces or one niece and one nephew. Well, whatever! I don't care about the gender, I care about the joy that they bring to us.

By they way, this is my niece. Her name is friendsys. My siblings gave her the name. When my niece was born, my sisters thought of giving her that name for a few reasons. Friend + sister. She's our friend as well as our sister. So, they came to the idea - FRIENDSYS.

I have two brothers and four sisters. We're very close to each other. Thus, we also want our niece to be close to us. We think that it's good to have a close and happy family.
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