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•11:22 PM

Last Saturday, December 5, 2009, we had our Christmas party at Intosan Resort in Danao City, Cebu. We had a lot of fun. Especially that my team together with Lloyd's team won almost all the awards...The Intensive Course teams rule!

Despite the joyful moments we had, I was also sad. And, I'm worried until now...why?...The resort has a long water slide. Only a few teachers tried the slide including me because it was kinda scary due to its height. Anyways, when I tried first time, it was good. It was nerve-breaking and heart-pounding but I endured. So, I decided to try again. However, it was a lot faster than my first try. It came to the point that I hit my head on the wall or the side of the slide. It hurt a lot. Until now I still can feel the pain. I'm totally worried. I want to go to the hospital for a CT scan, but I'm doubtful in that I have to go for a vacation this coming Saturday until January 5, 2010. So, I don't want to ruin my vacation. What if there's really something wrong with my head, I might not enjoy my vacation.

Anyway, here are some of the photos taken during the party..enjoy watching!

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Author: Lotlot
•2:35 PM
January next year my younger sister will give birth to a boy or girl - I don't know exactly. So, I'm pretty excited. However, I'm a little sad too because I don't have my own. Well, I'm sure I can have mine sooner or later.

Soon I will be having two nieces or one niece and one nephew. Well, whatever! I don't care about the gender, I care about the joy that they bring to us.

By they way, this is my niece. Her name is friendsys. My siblings gave her the name. When my niece was born, my sisters thought of giving her that name for a few reasons. Friend + sister. She's our friend as well as our sister. So, they came to the idea - FRIENDSYS.

I have two brothers and four sisters. We're very close to each other. Thus, we also want our niece to be close to us. We think that it's good to have a close and happy family.
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Author: Lotlot
•10:43 PM
This video is very interesting. It tells about a mother who is pregnant of two, however not twins. One of babies is 3 weeks old while the other one is two and a half weeks old. How could it be? This is very rare. Anyway, please watch...

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Author: Lotlot
•8:17 AM

Our school - CDU ESL Center - gives awards every month to teachers and non-teaching staff who do or perform well in their job. Then, they had their first awarding last Thursday. They chose the employee of the month for the non-teaching staff and teacher of the month for the teachers. Moreover, that awarding was for the month of July.

During the awarding, they announced the three top teachers. First, they called the 3rd placer ( Teacher Lab); secondly, the 2nd placer (Teacher Lowell) and lastly, the 1st placer (myself). It was so funny because before the HR Directress mentioned my name, I pretended to be the winner. I bowed my head and said "thanks" to my team members. Shockingly, the name Lota De Guzman was called..hahaha!..So, my team laughed out loud.

I was really shocked. I couldn't believe I stood in front of the teachers, management staff and the non-teaching staff. I was so happy. Especially, when they announced the TEACHER OF THE MONTH - Lota De Guzman....yippee!...

On the following day, we had the monthly level test in the morning and the culmination of the English Month in the afternoon. I was very happy because my team gathered almost all of the awards. We won first prize for the Song writing/Interpretation competition. Our song was also considered as the BEST SONG. Also, we got the second prize for the Poster-making contest. We got most of the awards from the TRIVIA as well. And, my daughter- Sue- was 3rd placer for the Speech Presentation. My team members are very cooperative and smart; we, as a team, are united and one; so, no wonder why we won? I'm so lucky and proud of my team. Thanks, guys! Go, Lota's team..go!...

After the activity, I was asked by Ms. Nor and Sir Ivan ( assistant coordinators) to take charge of the third batch trainees because they had a meeting. We discussed about handling Korean & Japanese students and grammar as well. At that certain hour, I was able to recall the time when I was also a trainee. I underwent a training too before I started teaching.

One more thing, yesterday was a wonderful day. I had my make-up class yesterday morning with Sharon and Lee. I taught them grammar. Then, I had a bowling session with my team together with Sir Ivan (assistant coordinator for teachers) at Gaisano Bowling Complex in the afternoon. Prior to that, each team had to pass a Calendar of Activities for the last week of August and for the month of September. Luckily, the Country President likes our calendar of activities. So we were the first team to go out for an activity..yippee! Lota's team rule!

We enjoyed much yesterday. Sir Ivan played bowling very well. He always had a strike. He got the highest score during the two-hour game. Teacher Jackie also played well. T. Marj, T. Pia, T. Rhea, T. Juliet, T. Kath and I [played so-so]...hahaha!...At least, we enjoyed a lot.

Whew! What a wonderful week! I'm really really really really really HAPPY!
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Author: Lotlot
•7:30 AM
A couple of weeks ago, a staff from a funeral parlor came to my parents' house. They brought with them paraphernalia for embalming as well as a coffin. It was 12 midnight at that time; my parents and my niece were sleeping. So when they woke my parents up to inform them that they were sent to embalm my younger brother, my parents were shocked. They were in panic in that my brother wasn't there.

Earlier that day, my brother left the house riding a motorcycle. He is used to drive very fast, thus my parents were thinking that my brother got into an accident. They were also considering that my brother was killed because my mother has received a text message from a stranger that he would kill my brother. They wailed.

When our neighbors heard my parents wailing, they ran to our house. Upon hearing the bad news, they also cried. Everyone in the house was in distress. It came to the point that my mother collapsed.

The staff of the funeral didn't go home until it was confirmed that my brother was alive. They waited for my brother. An hour later, my brother went home. He almost let the motorcycle fly as he saw the funeral car in front of our house. He was thinking that my father died in that my father is sickly.

Everyone was relieved when they saw my brother. It was indeed a bad joke. How could a person with a sane mind do that? Anyway, the staff of the funeral gave them the mobile number of the person who called them. My family tried to contact the person but unfortunately he only answered the call but didn't talk.

We thought everything would go back to normal after that incident. Until last week, my youngest brother overheard two people talking about their plan to kill my brother before November this year. It was 3 am at that time. My brother was on his way home from a wake. He felt like urinating so he decided to hide in the woods near the house. Suddenly, he heard people talking. So, he crawled near to them. Then, he found out their bad plan. He then left the place.

When he arrived home, he was shivering. He woke my my parents and my brother up to tell the bad news. So, everyone was alarmed again. My mother called me and my other siblings right away. All of us are worried. We need to send our brother to another place.

Sending our brother to a safer place is what we think the best solution. We have never thought yet of reporting it to the police because those bad guys might get madder and they might do something worse.

We're looking for some angles. It might be political because my father is a politician. It might be jealousy because of a girl or of basketball.Considering that he was in a fight after he refereed a basketball game prior to that incident. Likewise, someone got mad at him because of a girl.

Thus, we're all worried. It's really alarming. First, the death threat in a text message. Second, sending a funeral staff to our house. Third, overhearing a bad plan of killing my brother.

Anyway, i hope those bad guys will not pursue their plan of killing my brother. I hope so..
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Author: Lotlot
•10:53 PM
Due to a busy schedule, I was kinda tired when I arrived home. Then, I had my dinner. And of course, my classes. Anyway, my eyes were almost closing so I had to do something that would make me awake. I really had to do it, or else, I would sleep in the middle of the class. Suddenly, I thought of wearing my hood..haha...well, it worked...really!

Why? While I was putting on the hood of my favorite jacket, I came to think of taking funny shots of me..haha....and, here they are........tan-ta-ran-tan!..






nothing else to do but make fun
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Author: Lotlot
•8:55 AM
The management asked me to report to work yesterday because two students were leaving, and they wanted to finish everything. Although it was kinda boring because only me and the two students were having classes, still it was fine.

I thought them grammar. Prior to it, the directress told me to teach conversational English to them. However, they chose grammar..and so, we did. We consumed 5 hours for grammar. At first, I thought it would be boring, but it wasn't.

Firstly, I discussed to them all the tenses of verb. Secondly, we had Active and Passive Voice. Lastly, we discussed the difference between HAVE and HAVE GOT.

After every discussion, we had grammar exercises. Anyway, my students, Michelle and Sunny, have different personalities. Michelle is quite and conservative while Sunny is talkative and liberated. They're sisters so I asked them to help each other in answering the exercises.

The most interesting grammar exercise was the " Make A Story". I gave them 20 verbs. They had to make a story out from them. The hardest part was they had to use the verbs in order. So, they couldn't just skip from one verb to another. Also, they had to apply all the tenses that they've just learned.

Because of their contrasting personality, the story was a mixed of comedy and suspense. Michelle began the story in they way most of the stories started. But, Sunny continued the it in a funny way. So, we laughed out loud. We had much fun in doing the exercise.

Moreover, we also had fun in the exercise on Active and Passive voice. I asked them to change the sentence, " The dog bit the boy.". Funnily, Sunny changed it into, " The dog was bitten by the boy.". So, we laughed aloud.

Anyway, I can no longer teach them, so I'm sad. I'll be missing them. Well, it's always like that. Goodbye is the saddest word...

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Author: Lotlot
•11:46 AM

in my classroom

with the assistant coordinator

with Teacher Izumi

with my co-teachers

Cebu Doctors' University ESL Center Teachers

a pose with my friends

with Mon and Arvz

at the back are pictures of the previous program

with Teacher Tata and Andrei

Grace and I at the school facade
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Author: Lotlot
•9:24 PM

...two weeks ago, I was chosen as one of the team leaders for the teachers who have advisory students. Prior to it, I was chosen as one of the team leaders to the whole teaching staff. So, congrats to myself! However, I'm busier, sorry for myself...hahaha!

...during the meeting yesterday, it was announced that we had to wear ONLY black shoes. Thus, sorry for my favorite brown shoes that mom and dad bought for me. I can't wear them at work anymore. Ugh, they're my favorite shoes! My colleagues like them too.

...our school activity last Friday was successful. Thanks to all the team leaders, teachers, coordinators, students and all the CDU ESL staffs. Oh, thanks to myself as well!..hehehe... students like me and they always thank and compliment me. Yeah! Keep it up, Lot!

...I'm almost done with my outline for next week, as well as for my test this coming Friday. I'll try to finish them tomorrow. Go..go..go, Lot!

...I've reacted to what the coordinator did during the meeting this afternoon, thus he realized his mistakes and he said sorry to me...nice one!'s so tiring to check the daily, weekly and monthly progress reports, likewise the weekly outlines. Yet, thanks to my dependable members..they never give me a headache. they always pass their progress reports and outlines on time...go team go!

...recently, the King of Pop has died. I felt sorry for Michael Jackson. Condolence to the family!..good thing, the people have recognized the good things he did for the music industry.. You may rest in peace, Michael! TV was broken the other day. Sorry for me, I can no longer watch news on TV. I can't buy a new one as of this time....but the good thing is, my electricity bill will decrease..

...i miss posting here but I'm always busy...well, at least I still have time to visit here..yeheh! matter how much I wanted to stay up late and spend some hours in front of my computer but I can't.....and i guess, it's time to say GOOD NIGHT! Sweet dreams everyone!
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Author: Lotlot
•10:15 PM
I was supposed to go home (in Bohol) today because it's my niece's 5th birthday. I've also wanted to see my younger sister who got married last month; and, she's one-month pregnant now. (I'm very happy for her. ) However, my colleagues and I were called by the school for an important matter.

Instead of going home, I spent the whole day with my colleagues. We enjoyed a lot. We went for a karaoke, drink, food trip, bowling, etc. It was a terrific day for all of us. Before I went home, I dropped by at Watsons first to buy body lotion, body wash and shampoo. Unfortunately, I forgot to withdraw money before I entered Watsons...good thing I was able to bring my ATM card! I was saved..hehe..

Tomorrow, I'm going to play bowling with my brother and sister. So, I have to go to bed early. But then, my husband will call me back thirty minutes later...thus, I can't sleep...It's kinda boring to wait for the time, so I'm writing here.

Oh, I think I have to go...I still have to do farming. My farm is waiting for me..Good night, everyone!
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Author: Lotlot
•10:02 AM

" Impossible?.... I'm possible!", this is the tag line of CDU ESL Center ( the school where I work). CDU is Cebu Doctors University. Each one understands or interprets this tag line differently as I do.

I was chosen as one of the team leaders last Thursday. Along with the position is the responsibility. I can say that it's not easy; yet, I still stay, "I'm lucky!".

The responsibility is really big. However, I believe that I can do it. My team will be the BEST team. My performance will be the BEST...Impossible?...I'm possible!

On the other hand, I'm very thankful to Mom Kumiko and Dad Mamoru because they help me look presentable in my teaching career. They're very supportive to me. I'm blessed to have them in my life. Thank you so much, mom and dad!

Before I forget, CDU ESL Center offers two courses, Intensive and Enhancement. Right now, we're having Korean and Japanese students. So, for those interested English learners, enroll and study with us! I can assure you that you'll learn & speak English fast (in a fun, interesting, and enjoyable way)!

For more info, you may visit our website
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Author: Lotlot
•9:32 PM
Being one of the six front liners of the school is flattering yet difficult. It really flatters me. Imagine, there are more than one hundred ESL Teachers of the school, yet I am chosen! According to the administration staff, the six of us are the finest among the teachers. Well, my experience to my previous school was a help so I thank them for that.

On the other hand, being a front liner is not easy. It requires responsibility. I am one of the six teachers who do the trial lessons for Korean and Japanese agents. The school expects us a lot, so we have to do our very best.

And of course, it's rewarding. Seeing my regular students learn and finding out that they like me as their teacher inspire me more to do my best every day.

Though it is sometimes tiring to do the outline, I'm still happy and I still love teach.....Go, lot...go!
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Author: Lotlot
•9:55 PM
Five weeks ago, I stopped working at my previous ESL school because my contract ended. Unfortunately, my contract wasn't renewed. I wasn't shocked anymore when the supervisor informed me about it because prior to it I was already informed by my student; however, in a different story. According to the student, the manager told them that I was going to resign.

At first, I went to DOLE for legal actions in that the school did not give me some of the benefits that I should have received. They advised me to file a case against the school but I did not pursue it for some reasons.

First, the owner and the management didn't really know the real story behind the controversy. It was only the supervisor who made false stories and accusations to ruin my name. The supervisor told the manager that I asked stuffs from the students, that I was going to take the students away from them and that I made business with my students..hahaha...It was so funny. There was no evidence at all but the supervisor brought it to the management.

Their two reasons for not renewing my contract were vague. But I didn't blame the management because it was the supervisor's fault, though I felt bad because the management did not exercise due process. Well, how could they be? They didn't even have rules inside the school.

What the supervisor did unto me wasn't surprising because she even backbit the management, the relatives of the owner and her office mates, so how could I be excluded? Whenever she was with us she told us bad things about the relatives of the owner as well as of the management. Well, I'll just wish her luck. May she continue backbiting and ruining other people's lives! On the other hand, I'll just wait for the time when she'll have red on the face. I'm sure it will come.

Second, the experience, knowledge and learning that I got from the school. These three things help me become a better ESL teacher and help boost my confidence level. I have learned a lot there. Moreover, I treasure the moment, fun, opportunities , happiness, laughter and friendship that I had during my 2-year stay at the school.

Third, the knowledge that I imparted to my students. I know that my students learned a lot from me. I know that I was able to teach them the right way. And, I know that I was able to do my job as a teacher. Seeing them learn is enough for me to be happy. I will be very proud if one day I see my students speaking English excellently, because I know I was able to contribute to their success in it. At least, there is a chance that they'll remember my name one day..hehe..

Lastly, the very special people that I met- my godparents. (Mom and Dad thank you so much for everything!). As well as, the sister that I found. (Take care, sis!).

Although I wasn't able to stay there for a very long time, I don't have any regrets due to the above reasons; especially that I'm now part of a well-known and a big ESL school here in Cebu.

After I stopped working at my previous school, I took a rest for a week. Fortunately, my husband arrived to spend Holy Week and birthday with me. So, we decided to go to Bohol for a vacation and a trip on the following week. However, I received a call from the school on the day of our departure for an exam and an interview; in that I sent my resume to them the day before our scheduled departure. Luckily, I passed the exam and the interviews. Then, on the following day, April 9, I was called and informed that I was hired.

Thus, goodbye previous school and hello new school!
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Author: Lotlot
•10:42 AM
Below is the evidence of our trip to Bohol. Check it out! Enjoy!

Your pictures and fotos in a slideshow on MySpace, eBay, Facebook or your website!view all pictures of this slideshow
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Author: Lotlot
•6:26 PM
Recently I've become interested in playing bookworm. I feel my brain needs an exercise, so I'm doing it.

Bookworm is very interesting so I like it. Minutes ago, I was in Level 30 with a score of 994, 996; but, I had to stop playing because I have to prepare for my lessons at 8pm.

I wish to play it again soon. I don't think I can play it tomorrow because it's my husband's birthday. We will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow.

Happy birthday, Dad!

Before I forget, if you w
anna play bookworm you can find it at MSN games. Try playing it for a healthier mind.
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Author: Lotlot
•4:16 PM

My husband went home to celebrate his birthday as well as to spend Holy Week with me. His birthday is on the 21st of April but we've agreed to go to my parent's house in Bohol to spend Holy Week there.

My husband hasn't toured around Bohol yet, so I decided to tour him around as a birthday present. Since my parents have a motorcycle, we toured around the island using it. We had a lot of fun. My husband is a very fast driver, so we've gone to many places for just a day.

First stop:
Talibon, Bohol. We went there to visit my landlady. It's been four years since I last saw her. Lady Aida and I talked for 30 minutes before we went to the gasoline station for some gas. Then, we bought some bread and junkfoods in the town center. Unexpectedly, we came across my ex-boyfriend ( my first love. the person I mentioned in my blog - The Unforgettable.) as we went straight to Trinidad, Bohol. But we didn't have time to talk because he was talking to a friend. He was cycling at the time. On the other hand, we were also in a hurry.

Second stop: Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol
. We have passed by Trinidad, San Miguel and two more towns before we arrived at the hills. Along our way, we saw a butterfly sanctuary, mini forests, ricefields, small landmarks, bridges etc. It was still very early ( I think it was around 7am that time) when we arrived at the Chocolate hills so we were excluded from paying the entrance fee. We took a lot of pictures there, we wandered around the hills and we enjoyed a lot. After thirty minutes, we decided to leave the hills.

Third stop: Tarsiers in Loboc, Bohol.
On our way to Loboc, we have passed Bilar. Bilar's main road is kinda narrow but beautiful. We passed by a road which they call "tinae's manok". Tinae's manok means chicken's intestines. They call it tinae's manok because the road looks like it. Though it's kinda scary when you pass by it, you'll still enjoy because it is sorrounded with trees. It is very quiet and cool. You can feel and smell the fresh air and hear the birds' singing. Moreover, you can pass by an area where tarsiers are being preserved. The area is very nice. There are cottages and trees. So, you can't only see the tarsiers, you can also rest in the cottages.

We also passed by an area in Loboc for horsebackriding. There were many tourists who wanted to do horsebackriding. Since it was not our cup of tea, we didn't try it. Also, there was a hiking and biking area. We could rent a bike or go on foot to the mountains of Loboc. That area had cottages so we could stay there if we wished to. One more thing, we could rent a small boat if we wanted to sail on the river.

At 9am we arrived at Loboc. We went to Village Cruise and Restaurant to book a ticket for the floating restaurant. The floating restaurant was scheduled to sail at 11:30 am. So, we decided to see the tarsiers nearby.Luckily, the tarsiers were up at that time, thus we were able to take pictures with their eyes opened. Again, we had much fun there. The place was kinda crowded that time because there were many tourists, so we decided to leave the area.

Fourth stop: Loboc Museum and Church.
We were amazed when we went inside the museum because we found out that the museum was already 400 years old. We didn't regret paying for an entrance fee because the museum was really wonderful. It was very very old. Its furniture, floor, wall, etc., were really old. We could see it. Then, we happened to get inside a room that was full of images, replicas and statues of saints as well as old clothes and costumes. The room was sacred. It was very solemn. Charlie ( my husband) and I felt it. I was scared looking at those big statues. They were taller than me. I felt like they were alive and they were staring at us ( weird feelings..hehehe). We didn't stay there for long because of the strange feelings that we felt.
Then, we went to another room. We saw two people practicing for their lines on the following mass.

Afterward, we went to another room where we could hear clearly the priest doing a mass. That room was annexed to the church. According to the guide, we could see a stairway to the church when we opened one of the doors in the room. I did open it and I saw a stairway. Well, I didn't go to the church because I might disturb the mass.
The tour guide brought as to a another room downstairs. That room was behind the altar of the church. We saw some old replicas there. After the mass, we went to the church passing a narrow way. We took pictures of the altar. Then, we went to another room. A room where we saw some old musical instruments, beautiful paintings, souveneirs, etc. We wanted to take more photos in there but the battery of the camera was depleted after I took one photo.

Fifth stop: Loboc River.
Immediately we decided to leave the museum. We went to the waiting area for the river cruise to have the battery charged. While waiting for the departure of the boat, we watched a DVD about Loboc. We were amazed of the lots of things that the town could offer to the tourists and visitors.

After an hour, the time of the river cruise has come. We went to the boat immediately. We ate delicious foods that were served on the table. After a little while, the boat began to sail. We saw how beautiful the river is. Along the way we saw children swimming on the riverside, some beautiful views and tilapia preservation. The boat stopped by an area where a little show took place. We enjoyed watching them singing, dancing and playing the ukelele. A small boy caught my attention. He danced gracefully and he looked so naive. As the show continued, we took pictures of them.

After 20 minutes, the boat left the area. We went straight to the place where we saw waterfalls. It was very beautiful. We could feel and see how wonderful the nature is. The boat stayed there for five minutes before it went back to the river port. I took pictures to the two bridges above the river upon going to the river port. One of the bridges is for the people who want to go to the river cruise booth on foot on the other hand, the other one is for the people who go there by car, motorcycles, etc.

Sixth stop: Tagbilaran City. We passed by the Baclayon Church, Tagbilaran Phyton, floating restaurants in Baclayon, fishing boats' port, beautiful beaches and bridges, etc. However, we didn't stop by there because it was drizzling. My husband didn't stop driving/riding on the motorcycle because we didn't get wet. We were wearing a very comfortable sweater from Dad Mamoru and Mom Kumiko and we were wearing sunglasses, jeans & hats. We enjoyed traveling with the rain instead.

When we arrived at the city, we went to BIT International College ( formerly Bohol Institute of Technology)- the school where I graduated my degree. Then, we stopped by at Bohol Wisdom School. Then, we drove to our final destination - Sagbayan Peak.

Seventh/Final Stop: Sagbayan Peak in Sagbayan, Bohol
. The rain has continued as we were on our way to Sagbayan Peak. It rained hard, so we stopped by in some kiosks from time to time. We've met some people. We've talked to them. We've found out that one of them was also touring around Bohol through a mountain bike ( Great, isn't it?). We passed by Cortes, Maribojoc, Loon, Calape, Tubigon and Clarin before we arrived at Sagbayan Peak. The sun started to go down. It was already 4pm.

Sagbayan Peak is lot better and more beautiful than Chocolate Hills. It is extremely terrific. Sagbayan Peak is very wide. It is like Paradise. There is a butterfly sanctuary, Kidstown, water park, flower garden, tarsier sanctuary, restaurant, Disney Characters, etc. Moreover, there is a place where you can see the entire view or scenery. The hills ( like those of chocolate hills in Carmen) are very near. You can see them clearly. The flowers of different colors and the pine trees make the place a paradise.

On the other hand, the Disney Characters and the kidstown are superb. It was like I was in Disneyland. And their food is so delicious. We stayed there for two hours but we were not contented. Two hours wasn't enough to wander around that wonderful place.
Before we went home, we've agreed to go back there next year.

Sagbayan Peak is really really beautiful!

Anyways, we drove back home. At around 7:30, we arrived home. My mother was worried because it was Holy Thursday when we toured around Bohol. Roman Catholics believe that it isn't good to wander or drive on Holy Thurday and Friday because we might get into an accident.

Fortunately, we arrived home safely. We were full but we ate again. My brother-in-law brought shells and crabs from Mahanay Island. Then, we watched TV for three hours before we went to sleep.

What a terrific Holy Week!
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Author: Lotlot
•7:02 AM
This month, April, is a month of celebration for my family. So, everyone is very happy and excited. It's really great to have a united family.

Today, April 2, is my younger brother's birthday. Dondon is celebrating his 19th birthday. On the 4th of April, my youngest sister, Glomera, is going to celebrate her 16th birthday. On the 5th of April is the feast of St. Vincent Ferrer. My grandparents have had a replica of St. Vincent for many many years now. Many people have been visiting the replica for many years now, especially during the feast.

Then, Dad Mamoru is going to celebrate his 62nd birthday on April 11th. My mother, Gloria, is going to celebrate her 55th birthday on the 17th of April. Mom Kumiko is celebrating her 49th birthday on April 19th. And, Dad Charlie is celebrating his 26th birthday on the 21st of April. Moreover, I have a few cousins and relatives who are going to celebrate their birthdays this month.

Everyone in the family is looking forward to the celebration. Each of the birthday celebrants is going to have a small party. The members of the clan including our neighbors are there to join the celebration. So, everyone is very very happy and excited especially the birthday celebrants.

Despite the economic crisis, we still celebrate birthdays. Saving money for the future is good but spending some money for birthdays is also good. We don't know when our breathing stops. So, at least we have lots of happy and good memories before we finally bid goodbyes.

Besides, we earn money not just for the future but for the present as well. It will be too late if we spend the money when we get older. Well, it's not really spending the money for craps. It's spending for special occassions. With or without crisis, life is still the same. The ups and downs are still there. So, let's celebrate, let's be happy; after all, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

Happy happy birthday!
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Author: Lotlot
•6:15 PM
Last year the governor in Bohol went to my grandmother's house. He went there because my grandmother called him and asked him to visit her if he had a time.

When the governor and his men arrived in my grandma's house, they knocked the door. Then, they heard a voice from grandma telling them to come, they went inside.

The caretaker of the house was shocked. How did they enter the house when she locked it? And she was even more shocked when the governor asked her where grandma was.

Why? Because grandma has already died. She died two months before the local election in 2007.

So, the caretaker told the governor that grandma died last 2007. But the gov didn't believe her.

Why? it was because grandma was the one who called the governor in his office asking him to visit her and it was grandma who told them to come inside the house ( Well, they didn't see grandma, but they heard her.)

The governor really insisted that it was grandma who called him and who told them to come inside in that he recognized grandma's voice.

Anyway, grandma was the captain in our barangay for many years before she died. It was only her death which stopped her from being the captain.

Until now, I'm still wondering why it happened?
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Author: Lotlot
•8:57 PM

When I was young, my father used to tell my mother to grill a bitter melon for our dinner or lunch. At first, I was hesitant to eat it because it was kinda bitter. But I had no choice. It was the only viand that was served on the table. So, I was forced to eat it. Later on, I learned to like it.

After I graduated elementary school, I started to live by myself. I finished high school and college through my own effort. During those years, I was miles away from my family. So, I hadn't tasted again the grilled bitter melon; especially that I was living in a rich family that time.

Last Saturday night, I went to the market first before I went home after work in that I ran out of bananas, tomatoes and onions (my favorites..hehe). As I bought some bananas, tomatoes and onions, I saw some bitter melons near the fruit stand. Then, they reminded me of the grilled bitter melon which I used to eat; thus, I bought a kilo of them.

Bitter melon is good for people who have diabetes because it helps decrease the blood sugar and insulin levels. Nowadays, I've seen medicines for diabetes, like the Ampalaya Plus. Ampalaya is the Tagalog word for bitter melon.

Anyway, I grilled a bitter melon for my dinner this evening. I've already forgotten the process of cooking that food ( Well, it's been 17 years since I last ate it. Besides, it was my mother who cooked it.). But then, I tried my very best to cook it right (hehehe).

Luckily, I've got the taste that I desired. I had a perfect dinner. I had grilled bitter melon, rice, tuna in vinegar sauce, banana, orange juice and water.

Before I forget, I'll share you the recipe. Who knows you'll like to try it?..hehehe..Here it is....

Grilled Bitter Melon


1 pc. medium size bitter melon
2 pcs. unripe tomatoes
2 pcs. onions
2 tbsp . vinegar
iodized salt
Ajinomoto umami seasoning


1. Grill the bitter melon until it is soft to touch.

2. Wash the grilled bitter melon as well as the tomatoes and onions.
3. Then, slice them into small ( but, you can slice them in any shapes you like).
4. Put them in a plate.
5. Add the salt, the seasoning and the vinegar.

6. Mix them using a spoon. ( You can add any amount of salt, seasoning and vinegar until you get your desired taste.)

7. Finish.

That's it. It's very simple, right? By the way, though it's only a simple dish but it's good for the health. Specifically to those who have high sugar and insulin levels.

Also, it's good for your wallet. It's very affordable. (Remember we're in crisis.) And, it can save the earth too. I've read that eating vegetables and fruits helped save Mother Earth (I forget its details but it really helps.).

If you value yourself. If you love your body. And, if you want to live longer. Then, try it! Worry not, it's not too bitter. Its bitterness is enough for you to want for more. Try it and you like it! Save your your Mother grilled bitter melon!
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Author: Lotlot
•4:05 PM

Man mistakes woman for a monkey, shoots her

updated 9:28 p.m. ET March 13, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - Police said a man shot his neighbor, mistaking her for a monkey as she was picking sapodilla fruit in his tree.

Yahaya Othman, police chief in eastern Pahang state, said the woman was gathering fruit Thursday when her neighbor shot her.

The man came home and saw rustling in the tree and fired into it, Yahaya said. "Then there was screaming ... and only then did he know it was his neighbor."

He said the woman was hospitalized with a wound to the abdomen but her condition was stable Friday.

He said police were investigating the man, a volunteer security corps member, for illegally discharging a firearm, which carries a maximum prison term of two years.

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Author: Lotlot
•8:15 PM
Recently, I've been mad at my husband for some reasons. I've told him words that I was sure have hurt him much. Nevertheless, he has never fought me back. He just listened and waited for me to finish nagging at him.

Thus, I can say that I'm very lucky to have him in my life. He may not be perfect, but there's something in him that is very precious and special. Whatever happens, I'll never leave him. Moreover, I'll never stop loving him. His great love for me is enough for me to stay with him forever.

Dad, I'm so sorry for nagging at you sometimes. You know how much I love you. Dad, I miss you so much! I miss the times when you were here with me, the times when you let me feel that I'm your princess and the times when you were at my side as I woke up in the morning.

Dad, it's not easy to be left alone here in our paradise, but I understand that you have to work for our future. So, you take care of yourself there, as well as our marriage and love for each other. I'm just here to support you and to love you more each day. I can't wait for the day you go home.

I love you so much, dad!
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Author: Lotlot
•5:56 PM

I'll just post some of the pics that were taken during the Cebu Tour of the Gil's students with us - One On One ESL Academy Inc Teachers.

Everyone of us enjoyed much. The students had much fun. We went to St. Joseph's School in Lapu-lapu City. In there, Gil's students rendered a song entitled Sakura for all of us.

After we visited the school, we went to Magellan's Cross, Sto. Nino Church, Fort San Pedro, SM City Mall and Waterfront Hotel (for the massage).

Anyway, here are some of the pics. Enjoy!

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Author: Lotlot
•2:39 PM
Well, I'm not really talking about my first love here..hehehe...I'm just posting this song of Utada Hikaru ( First Love) in that I like it.

Here it is...enjoy!

Wait.....Perhaps you're wondering if I understand or speak Japanese since the above song is in Japanese language....well, I don't really speak Japanese but I know a very little of it...e.g, Konichiwa!, Hai, Ie, Konbanwa, arigato, etc...hehehe...

Why do I like the song?...Hmmnnn....It's because of its melody and lyrics. I understand and know the meaning of the song because it has an English version.

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Author: Lotlot
•5:20 PM

Last Tuesday we, the One on One ESL Academy Inc teachers , together with Shin, Chris, Hedi, Seiko and the Gil's students went for an island picnic in Pandanon. Pandanon is one of the beautiful islands in Jetafe, Bohol. When we reached the island, I felt like going home. My family also lives in Jetafe but not in an island, instead in the mainland.

Anyways, everyone enjoyed much in the picnic, especially the Gil's students. They went swimming, they rode on a jetski , they ate delicious seafood, they rode on a motorboat, etc..

Before we went to the island, we had activities/games first. We, the teachers, made activities for the students. We enjoyed a lot as well as the students. Each of them participated in the games.

At the end of the day, everyone felt tired but very happy.

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Author: Lotlot
•4:41 PM
Friendsys is our first and only niece. Her nickname is Ren-ren. She's the daughter of our older sister- Christie. She's 4 years old. She lives in my parents' house in Bohol. She's a pre-school pupil.

Her name 'Friendsys' was taken from the words FRIEND and SISTER. It was my younger sister, Mae, who invented the name. I and my siblings treat her not only as a niece but as a sister and a friend as well.

At times, our youngest sibling 'Glomera' feels jealous because our parents give more attention to Ren-ren than her. She will shout or pinch Ren-ren whenever she feels jealous. So, we remind her every now and then that there's no need for her to get jealous. Ren-ren is still small so it's natural that she'll get most of the attention from our parents and even from us (her aunts/ uncles).

As a pupil, Friendsys goes to school from Mondays to Fridays. She's doing great at school. So, we are very happy. We keep on encouraging and inspiring her to do great at school. And, we help in developing her talents. Her teacher says that she's one of the smartest pupils in school so we're very proud of her.

Nonetheless, my parents get mad at her sometimes because she'll go home when she's bored inside the classroom. Well, her school is a throw stone away from our house, thus she can go home easily. It only takes 5-10 seconds for her to reach home.

Anyways, the pictures below were taken in Sagbayan Peak. Sagbayan peak is one of the best scenery in Bohol, Philippines.

my niece - Friendsys

Mama Gloria and niece Friendsys

Mama and Ren-ren @ Sagbayan Peak
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Author: Lotlot
•8:04 PM
I've just listened to this song, " I Believe", by R. Kelly. I don't know but I like it much. This song expresses a lot, e.g, love, hope, faith, victory etc. not only to our partners, family etc. but to our nation as well.

It reminds me that I have to believe in myself that everything will be fruitful and fine, as of regards to my marriage life and to my father(who's now in bad condition), respectively. I've felt bad and worried recently because of my father's health condition. Nonetheless, I'm hopeful that he'll feel better soon. I don't know how does it feel to lose him; because just the thought of it makes my heart bleed and my tears fall.

As well as, it reminds me that there's always hope for our country. Someday... somehow... everything will go back to normal. There will be no more hunger and war.

Anyway, here's the song. Please listen to it.

Now, tell me I am right......thanks for viewing!
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Author: Lotlot
•6:36 PM

The Confrontation

Suddenly the typing room was filled with darkness. Someone has turned the lights off. To my surprise, I saw Joseph.

Angrily, he held my arms and shouted,
" Why can't you understand me? You're very hardheaded. Could you please listen to me?". I was speechless. I wasn't able to talk in that the scene happened quickly. All I could feel at that time was my arms aching. Joseph held them very tight.

The guard on duty went upstairs to see what happened. After he knew that it was Joseph (the son of the director) who shouted, he went downstairs. On the other hand, I was firmed with my decision of the break up. However, Joseph didn't listen to my reasons. So, I was forced to say bad words against him; as if I didn't respect him.

Joseph was shocked. He couldn't believe that I said those bad words. Immediately, he told me, " Well, if that's really your decision. Okay...from now on, you're free. I also don't want to wake up one day headless. I'm afraid you'll do something bad against me if we, you might cut my head as I sleep. Besides, I can't believe that in a minute you forget that I'm much older than you...don't worry, I'll no longer disturb you...and don't worry because I'll love Agnes more than I love you.. I'll take care care of her more than I take care of'll see it tomorrow....thank you so much for everything. You know how much I love you."

For the second time around, I was speechless. What Joseph has told me struck my heart. I felt bad against myself. I thought I was selfish at that time. I didn't listen to his explanations. I didn't give him a time to prove himself. Knowing the fact that we have agreed already for the wedding, that he has loved me much and he has fought for me, I felt guilty.

Nonetheless, I was hardheaded so I tried to ignore what has just happened. I picked up my things, then I went downstairs. I left Joseph in the room.

Immediately, Joseph followed me. He got his motorbike and rode beside me. I was just walking at that time, so he directed me to ride on his motorbike; but I didn't listen to him.

He stopped the bike, then he grabbed my hand and commanded,
" Ride on!" I could feel that he was extremely angry. So, I rode on his bike. While I was holding his waist, I suddenly missed the times when we went for a ride, the moments when we talked in the mini-forest, the days when we studied together in the study table and the times when we laughed & teased each other.

Nevertheless, I didn't change my mind. I was very egoistic at that time. I've never changed the decision that I already made. Minutes later, we arrived in my boardinghouse. I went directly to my room while he went home.

I laid on my bed speechless. I stared on the ceiling thinking of what has just happened. I've realized that I didn't want him to go. However, I've already did it; so, I calmed myself down. I took a deep breath then I cried silently. Hours later, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

On the following day, I was shocked because...

to be continued...
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Author: Lotlot
•4:33 PM

This morning I've heard a news from the local radio that there are 7004 taxis running and picking up passengers here in Cebu every day. So, I'm thinking if the taxi drivers can still pay for the rent of the taxi; based on the fact that everyone prefers to ride a jeepney rather than a taxi due to the financial crisis.

On the other hand, my older sister works in a taxi company as a radio operator. She told me that most of the drivers are depressed because fewer and fewer people ride on the taxi. Nonetheless, they're thankful if it rains because they can get passengers easily.

Oh my...I don't want to think that the economic crisis is getting worse; yet, I can see it...I can feel it. This reality is depressing; moreover, a call that I have to save up.
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Author: Lotlot
•9:30 PM

Before I went back here in Cebu this morning, I dropped by to my aunt's house where Tay Andaw's wake was there. I wanted to ask permission from him that I couldn't attend his burial. His coffin was in the living room so I went there. Unfortunately, no one was around except me.

The lights were on but the candles were not lit. Without a second, I looked at his face, then in my mind I asked him permission with my reasons as well. However, something strange happened that made me walk away from the coffin fast.

I strangely smelled some candles burning. It was strange. The candles were not lit. How could it happen? The smell was kinda strong that made my body shiver and made me walk away.

Do you think I'm paranoid? haha
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