Author: Lotlot
•10:53 PM
Due to a busy schedule, I was kinda tired when I arrived home. Then, I had my dinner. And of course, my classes. Anyway, my eyes were almost closing so I had to do something that would make me awake. I really had to do it, or else, I would sleep in the middle of the class. Suddenly, I thought of wearing my hood..haha...well, it worked...really!

Why? While I was putting on the hood of my favorite jacket, I came to think of taking funny shots of me..haha....and, here they are........tan-ta-ran-tan!..






nothing else to do but make fun
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Author: Lotlot
•8:55 AM
The management asked me to report to work yesterday because two students were leaving, and they wanted to finish everything. Although it was kinda boring because only me and the two students were having classes, still it was fine.

I thought them grammar. Prior to it, the directress told me to teach conversational English to them. However, they chose grammar..and so, we did. We consumed 5 hours for grammar. At first, I thought it would be boring, but it wasn't.

Firstly, I discussed to them all the tenses of verb. Secondly, we had Active and Passive Voice. Lastly, we discussed the difference between HAVE and HAVE GOT.

After every discussion, we had grammar exercises. Anyway, my students, Michelle and Sunny, have different personalities. Michelle is quite and conservative while Sunny is talkative and liberated. They're sisters so I asked them to help each other in answering the exercises.

The most interesting grammar exercise was the " Make A Story". I gave them 20 verbs. They had to make a story out from them. The hardest part was they had to use the verbs in order. So, they couldn't just skip from one verb to another. Also, they had to apply all the tenses that they've just learned.

Because of their contrasting personality, the story was a mixed of comedy and suspense. Michelle began the story in they way most of the stories started. But, Sunny continued the it in a funny way. So, we laughed out loud. We had much fun in doing the exercise.

Moreover, we also had fun in the exercise on Active and Passive voice. I asked them to change the sentence, " The dog bit the boy.". Funnily, Sunny changed it into, " The dog was bitten by the boy.". So, we laughed aloud.

Anyway, I can no longer teach them, so I'm sad. I'll be missing them. Well, it's always like that. Goodbye is the saddest word...

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Author: Lotlot
•11:46 AM

in my classroom

with the assistant coordinator

with Teacher Izumi

with my co-teachers

Cebu Doctors' University ESL Center Teachers

a pose with my friends

with Mon and Arvz

at the back are pictures of the previous program

with Teacher Tata and Andrei

Grace and I at the school facade
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Author: Lotlot
•9:24 PM

...two weeks ago, I was chosen as one of the team leaders for the teachers who have advisory students. Prior to it, I was chosen as one of the team leaders to the whole teaching staff. So, congrats to myself! However, I'm busier, sorry for myself...hahaha!

...during the meeting yesterday, it was announced that we had to wear ONLY black shoes. Thus, sorry for my favorite brown shoes that mom and dad bought for me. I can't wear them at work anymore. Ugh, they're my favorite shoes! My colleagues like them too.

...our school activity last Friday was successful. Thanks to all the team leaders, teachers, coordinators, students and all the CDU ESL staffs. Oh, thanks to myself as well!..hehehe... students like me and they always thank and compliment me. Yeah! Keep it up, Lot!

...I'm almost done with my outline for next week, as well as for my test this coming Friday. I'll try to finish them tomorrow. Go..go..go, Lot!

...I've reacted to what the coordinator did during the meeting this afternoon, thus he realized his mistakes and he said sorry to me...nice one!'s so tiring to check the daily, weekly and monthly progress reports, likewise the weekly outlines. Yet, thanks to my dependable members..they never give me a headache. they always pass their progress reports and outlines on time...go team go!

...recently, the King of Pop has died. I felt sorry for Michael Jackson. Condolence to the family!..good thing, the people have recognized the good things he did for the music industry.. You may rest in peace, Michael! TV was broken the other day. Sorry for me, I can no longer watch news on TV. I can't buy a new one as of this time....but the good thing is, my electricity bill will decrease..

...i miss posting here but I'm always busy...well, at least I still have time to visit here..yeheh! matter how much I wanted to stay up late and spend some hours in front of my computer but I can't.....and i guess, it's time to say GOOD NIGHT! Sweet dreams everyone!
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